Thursday, July 10, 2014

Take a Moment

As I get older the more I think about the future and less about the past. Moving forward and not looking back. Don't let the past make you bitter, let it make you better.

I said goodbye to someone very important to me on Tuesday. It was hard (I tried very hard not to show it). You never actually understand how much something/someone means to you until it's gone. Not having that option to just pop around whenever you please.

From this I have learnt not to hold back. If someone means something to you, show them. Actions speak far louder than words. Don't beat around the bush UMMing and ARing....Just do what feels right (within reason, for those people with minds in the gutter :P).

Our time is short on this lovely planet. Be the person you would be friends with. Do things YOU want to do. Most importantly, be happy.

I may not be the best son, friend or lover on the planet but I certainly do my best.

Enough waffling, go and enjoy life, do what makes you happy, and love like you have never loved before.

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