Friday, August 24, 2012


Work hard, be enthusiastic, help people that show interest or need help and most of all aspire to yourself. Don't look down upon your self when something goes wrong and don't give up.

From the day I turned 16 I have loved cars (VW's to be precise). I worked as a mechanic and it made me hate the bloody things!

I spent a lot of time and effort putting my first car together. Every spare second I had I would work on my car (76 MK1 2 door with a MK2 1.8 k-jet motor). I finally finished it and it was time to get my licence. I was very much like every other inexperienced and overconfident teenager to get their licence. After just 23 days of finished my pride and joy I was showing off in front of some of the opposite sex and wrote off my one true possession, lost my licence for 2 years and learn't a very tough lesson that day.

This didn't stop me continuing to build up another car and tinker with things that made my brain tick. I made a 70cc 2 stoke bicycle to cruise around on to get to work and visit my mates whilst I had no licence.

I keep my eyes on the goal of getting my licence back and being a good boy from then on. I learned a massssssssive lesson during those 2 years of my life. I told others to do the right thing and to learn from my mistakes!

At the end of all this I still love cars day in day out. I modded my cars myself and helped other modify theirs. I became known by name amongst a few people and would head to regular meets and hang with my car buddies!

Here are a few shots of rides I've had...


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